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It seems likely that the Rottweiler originated in ancient Rome as a drover dog. The ancient Roman Empire used this breed around the turn of the century to drive the cattle necessary to feed their massive armies as they crossed such traitorous terrain as the Alps in order to conquer a great part of Europe.  As the Roman Legions stopped along the way, the Rottweiler took on another task, that of guarding the camps.  The great ability of these dogs to accomplish such drover and guard dog tasks seems obvious due to the success of the Roman Legions they served. Following the fall of the Roman Empire around 260 AD, and in turn the Roman Legions, the Rottweiler was in need of a new home.  The breed found its home in a cattle-trading centre along the Neckar River in what is today southern Germany, in a town now known as Rottweil.  The dogs were used to drive cattle to market and as draft dogs to pull the butchers carts.  Following the sale of the meat the butcher placed the monies in a purse around the dogs' neck for safekeeping. It is was this history in mind that I named my kennel Legion Rottweilers.



















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